Contents 2010, Vol 19, No 4


D. A. M. C. van de Vijver, A. M. J. Wensing, B. Åsjö, M. Bruckova, L. Bruun Jorgensen, R. Camacho, A. Horban, M. Linka, M. Lazanas, C. Loveday, E. MacRae, C. Nielsen, D. Paraskevis, M. Poljak, E. Puchhammer-Stöckl, L. Ruiz, J. C. C. Schmit, G. Stanczak, M. Stanojevic, A.-M. Vandamme, J. Vercauteren, M. Zazzi, L. Bacheler, P. Lecocq, J. Villacian, and C.A.B. Boucher
HIV-1 drug-resistance patterns among patients on failing treatment in a large number of European countries


A. Ascari-Raccagni, A. Dondas, M. G. Righini, and G. Trevisan
A “skin helix” flap to correct circular skin loss on the nasal ala

Manousaridis, C. Loeser, S. Goerdt, and J. C. Hassel
Managing scleromyxedema with intravenous immuno­globulin: acute worsening of scleromyxedema with biclonal gammopathy

E. Ozaslan, T. Purnak, and E. Senel
Facial petechiae as a complication of diagnostic endoscopy

A. Gatti, N. di Meo, and G. Trevisan
Dermoscopy of eccrine acrospiroma masquerading as nodular malignant melanoma


Research has found evidence that treatment for PE using natural remedies such as these pills for premature ejaculation can help.


V. Breznik, M. Potočnik, and J. Miljković
Papulonodular secondary syphilis in a 52-year-old non-HIV heterosexual patient

H. Tomková, L. Vaňková, L. Pock, and J. Šternberský
Segmental Darier’s disease postpartum and following tubal ligation


R. Mösges, B. Ritter, G. Kayoko, D. Passali, S. Allekotte
Carbamylated monomeric allergoids as a therapeutic option for sublingual immunotherapy of dust mite– and grass pollen–induced allergic rhinoconjunctivitis: a systematic review of published trials with a
meta-analysis of treatment using Lais tablets